Children are active learners who develop at their own pace
with individual needs.  At Oconee Preschool Academy, our
combined system of thematic learning and Creative
Curriculum is the framework for planning and implementing a
developmentally appropriate program that meets the needs
of all children.  

From infants, preschoolers and school age children, our
curriculum encompasses all aspects of a child’s
development.  Understanding the tremendous development
of a child begins with knowledgeable teachers who bring
educational and great real life experiences into our
classrooms.  The partnership that is formed with each family
provides a solid foundation for the development of the
whole child.  This bond continues as your child grows and
moves through our classrooms.  
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Using theme based units provide children the
opportunity to explore different topics in their areas of
interest.  Keeping in mind that "children learn best
through play”, interesting theme based units assist
childrens individualized experiences in a group setting.  

Our infant and toddler classrooms explore topics such
as, "All About Me, Community Helpers, Seasons and
Transportation".    Including a color and shape of the
month, children are immersed in fun activities such as
treasure hunts, to find specific colors and shapes, to
cooking activities for sensory experiences.

Thematic topics such as, "Animals, Health, Weather and
Favorite Authors", our preschoolers are encouraged to
explore and investigate through interest areas.  Those
manipulatives, art and math.

It is our commitment to our children, families and
teachers to provide the
highest quality care and
education that sets us apart from the rest.